The Hang Brothers
The "Hang Brothers" project is born in 2013 from the meeting of Sacha "Unity" and Julien "Aslak" and their passion for the Hang and the handpans.
(a new family of instruments wich was invented in Bern( Switzerland) at the beginning of 2000).
Sacha "Unity" Nielsen
Julien "Aslak" Aho
The acoustic "Duo" was soon joined by Mercury Fall and his electronic sounds.

(others producers, Mantra Flow and Aslak, will also contribute on the electronic side)
Alex "Mercury Fall"
​Then two voices come added to the mix.
A vocal Yin-Yang with the masculin soul and groovy voice of Daniel "Almacalma" and the light feminin voice of Sophie Rampa, who also adds a few notes of the magical High Spirit flutes. 
Daniel "Almacalma"
Sophie Rampa

​Last star joining the "Hang Brothers" constelation in 2015 is an acoustic sometimes electric guitarist "Baptiste Bieri". 
Baptiste Bieri

​Together this cosmic Band is producing a blend of deep and smooth texture sometimes downtempo sometimes shamanic and transe bringing a feeling of pure joy for your heart.

During 2016, many changes happen : Sacha moves to the USA, Daniel moves to Chile, the band welcomes new members (David & Antoine) and focus more on solely acoustic music.

Since 2017, we play only in this configuration :

2017 Setup

Hang, Handpan

​Flute, Vocals